Ease your cargo logistics through partnership with a credible Container Freight Station/ ICD in Kenya:


A Container Freight Station (CFS) is a critical link in the supply chain process in cargo handling. Whether you are an importer or exporter in Kenya by sea, your shipment must be handled at the port of Mombasa or at a CFS before it is cleared as an export or import. Establishing a long term partnership with a CFS is a prudent measure to assure you of peace of mind in cargo logistics. A CFS partnership will spare you the headaches that come from unplanned costs such as storage, cargo loss or damage and give you the advantage of negotiating on flexible rates, free storage days, value added services such as cargo transportation and rebates.  Remember, to partner with your CFS means you nominate the CFS by putting its name on the bill of lading.

Key factors to that make for a worthwhile CFS partnership are:

  1. Convenient location: The location of the container base will determine whether collecting your shipment will be a journey through hell as you battle the unrelenting traffic jams to and from the CFS. However, partnering with a CFS that is strategically located such as Siginon CFS which is located in Miritini on the out skirts of Mombasa and adjacent to the Northern corridor will spare you this hassle. As such, you will be able to clear and collect or drop your cargo and transport its destination with ease.
  2. Rate advantages: Partnering with the CFS will give you the opportunity to negotiate and enjoy best rates. Siginon CFS ensures that customers who nominate their shipments to the CFS are offered best price available and further discounts on repeated use of the CFS.
  3. Prompt clearance/ no delays: This ensures that the cargo clearance process is smooth and eliminates any obstacles in the clearance. This will save you additional costs that arise through demurrage or storage in the CFS. The customer service team at Siginon CFS ensures that customers are proactively updated on the arrival of the vessel, status of the cargo and the documentation required to facilitate clearance.  This will no doubt give you peace of mind!
  4. Responsive customer service: The level of customer service will determine whether collecting your shipment will have you pulling your hair or smiling through the park on a warm sunny day. Siginon CFS team offers a responsive and dedicated customer service team that ensures that all customers enjoy world class service. The customer service team provides continuous updates on cargo status from loading to discharging at port and transfer to CFS, this information will necessitate client to have a prior logistics plan to avoid any additional costs to you such as demurrage or storage.
  5. Free days: Free days imply that once your shipment is at the CFS, you will be offered free days to give you time to do documentation and cargo transportation. The KPA regulated period is 4 days, however, Siginon CFS is able to make special allowances for customers they partner to enable the customer to tackle unique cargo needs that would need more days.
  6. Value added services from affiliated companies: A good CFS is able to facilitate value additional services should you need assistance. This includes services such as; transport, warehousing, clearance etc. By virtue of being part of Siginon Group, Siginon CFS is able to recommend credible logistics providers who will safely and securely assist with the rest of the cargo logistics within the group.
  7. Spacious CFS yard to accommodate odd sized cargo: A spacious CFS yard will provide sufficient space to handle cargo of various quantities and odd shape safely and securely. The Siginon CFS yard is spread over 13 hectares with designated areas to handle containers, vehicular, loose and project cargo.
  8. In house government regulators: In house regulators ensure that cargo at the CFS is cleared and released for to the owners immediately. Siginon CFS has offices within its premises for officers from the various government divisions in Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), KEPHIS (Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service).
  9. Cargo safety and security: The value of your shipment should be protected from any damage or loss. As such, the CFS should embrace a policy on safety in all its operations as well as during transfer to and from the CFS and when in the CFS. This will also ensure that there is on time cargo transfer at no extra cost. Safety First is the underlying policy in Siginon CFS, which is further reinforced by an in-house safety and security officer on site. Siginon CFS is well covered by 24 hour CCTV cameras, high walls and 24/7 manned security. Your cargo is safe at Siginon CFS.

 We don’t mean to brag, but Siginon CFS is really your best CFS partner at the port of Mombasa. Having been operational since 2014, the professional team at Siginon CFS is motivated to delight our customers and our equipment is well maintained. As part of Siginon Group, Siginon CFS further offers her customers the advantage of using seamless logistics services such as; transport, warehousing and customs clearance.

Contact us on: cfs@siginon.com or sales@siginon.com and partner with Siginon CFS.

Remember; nominate Siginon CFS on the bill of lading to enjoy these benefits and much more.