Container Handling

Stress-free Container Handling

We pride ourselves on offering our customers exceptional logistics services that are safe, secure, timely, and cost-effective. Our scope of services extends from airfreight, customs clearance, freight forwarding, transport, project cargo logistics, warehousing, and third-party logistics.

Container Handling

Siginon CFS is a customs licensed terminal in Mombasa located approximately 5 kilometers from the Port of Mombasa. The CFS facility serves both importers and exporters, both local and transit goods imported and exported in shipping containers or in loose form i.e. in bulk.
Since the definition of shipping is the business of transporting the trade – from port of origin to the port of destination at the required time, Siginon CFS facility is the CFS of choice for handling and storing of the imported container goods while awaiting the consignees to document them through KRA as required in international trade.

Therefore, Siginon CFS is there to serve international trade by receiving containers which are brought by ships which come to the port of Mombasa.

Export containers with products for export are also handled through SCFS, and can be stored at the CFS while awaiting export documentation to be completed.

We use modern equipment to handle containers in our facility.