Drone deliveries to define future tech of logistics

Now that the laws allowing for the use of drones for commercial purposes, it is only a matter of time before we see the unmanned aerial vehicles dotting skylines as they deliver goods, unshackled from our snaking traffic…

This is the future of logistics, transportation that is driven by technology and with minimal human assistance. What will this will mean for Kenya’s logistics industry?

First, it is worthy to note that Kenya is not the pioneer on the use of drones in the region. The crown goes to Rwanda which is already using the aerial vehicles to deliver blood, medical supplies and other life critical inputs. In Kenya, a good example is in the delivery of national examination papers. The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) failed to take off on time in parts of Narok County as rains made road transportation unusable. Expanding our imagination even further, would drones have been used to deliver election materials for the General Elections? Going back to costs, would drones deliver these goods in a timely and more cost effective manner?

These are some situations where the government ought to seek the services of technology-driven logistic companies. The private sector can also use this technology for parcel delivery, especially at a time when more Kenyans are embracing online shopping. Again, one area that needs to rapidly adopt technologically-driven logistics is the booming retail sector. Retailers often cite that one of the biggest costs they incur is shrinkage or losses that are the result of shoplifting, internal fraud or goods lost in transit. To reduce losses associated with shrinkage some of the strategies that retailers use include outsourcing of security services and stock management all of which add costs to a business that competes on razor thin margins.

“ This is the future of logistics, transportation that is driven by technology and with minimal human assistance.”

Overall consumers and taxpayers stand to reap the biggest dividend from investments made in technologically driven logistics. From Amazon to Uber, the tech companies are investing in this technology that will soon become the norm in mature markets.

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