Siginon Complements SGR Last Mile Logistics With New Trucking Fleet

The Kenya Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) launched in 2017 has introduced an additional efficient cargo movement option from the Port of Mombasa into Nairobi and beyond the Kenyan borders. The government sponsored rail solution has been hailed and feared by various logistics players due to the impact this development is likely to have on road transporters in Kenya. However, Siginon Group, a transport and logistics company has embraced the SGR solution whole heartedly and further, through Siginon Global Logistics – its transport arm, invested in an additional 22 trucks to boost its current fleet in Kenya. The trucks comprise of prime movers with drop side trailers to satisfy customer demands for an efficient logistics partner in moving cargo inland. The trucks, purchased at a cost of Kes. 140 million will complement cargo movement that requires last mile logistics within Nairobi and other inland locations as well as on transit across the Kenyan borders to regional destinations within East Africa and the Great Lakes region such as Kampala in Uganda, South Sudan and others.

Job Kemboi the General Manager adds, “Shippers moving cargo on the SGR require a road transporter to move their cargo from the various ICDs to the destined inland locations be it warehouses, factories or homes. As such, transporters still have a role to play in complementing the SGR on the last mile. We have therefore boosted and aligned our transport services to meet this need satisfactorily.” The transport arm is further relocating its transport yard to a new 5 acre location in Mariakani to strategically position and ensure efficient fleet movement. Job Kemboi adds, “As Siginon Group, we are already using the SGR to move containers destined for inland and transit locations. In addition, we have engaged shipping lines for partnerships to ensure smooth and safe cargo delivery from SGR, via ICD up to the doorstep of the consignee.

Job concludes;” The Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) has greatly complimented cargo movement for road transporters. As such, an efficient trucking fleet will play a major role in ensuring customer satisfaction; facilitate last mile and regional cargo logistics. In Siginon, we will continue to scope the market for opportunities to exploit all the opportunities that come with SGR”

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